Elder Brother

Web Design, Development & Content, Suffolk UK

About Elder Brother

Elder Brother is a cottage industry in the truest sense - operating from a delightful but drafty 17th century cottage in Mid-Suffolk, UK.

It is the trading guise of William Skellorn, who has had a colourful working life that has already embraced Photography and Video, Film Editing and VFX post-production. All this came before he took up the mantle to make the web a more interesting, approachable and even legible place.

When not glued to a glowing screen pushing pixels around, his time is absorbed attempting the 'self-sufficient thing'. This often results in selfishly inefficient activities - chopping wood perfectly to size by hand, raising newly hatched chickens one at a time, inspecting and coring each apple that goes into the home-brewed cider.

The design work of Elder Brother may be a world away from the idyl outside, but the approach to it is the same - obsessed with detail, never rushed, always hand-crafted.